Diploma In AC & Refrigeration Engineering

This 12 months course aims to provide an introduction to the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. The course will...

Course Name :
Diploma In AC & Refrigeration Engineering

Duration :

12 Months

This 12 months course aims to provide an introduction to the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. The course will provide a basic understanding of the types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, applications and operating principles. Career Opportunities
1. AC Service Technician
2. Assembly and testing of refrigerators and air-conditioners in manufacturing companies
3. Installation & maintenance of centralized AC plants, cold storage etc.
4. Repairing and preventive maintenance of refrigerators, air- conditioners, water coolers etc.
5. Sales of refrigerators, air-conditioners, water coolers
6. Electrical maintenance in manufacturing companies

Course Syllabus

Safety Precautions and use of PPE, Introduction to Refrigeration systems, domestic and commercial refrigeration systems, use of basic tools and measuring instruments, basic Science and Physics, Basic Electricity and Electronics, symbols and abbreviations, types of circuits, magnetism ans electromagnetism, tube-cutting, flaring, bending, swagging, pinching, brazing, connections of single and three phase motors, testing of electrical circuits and electronic components

Compressor, Condenser, cooling tower, Evaporator, Refrigerant Control Devices, System support Accessories, Lubrication, Refrigerant, system controlling devices, flushing - cleaning - Leak testing, preventive maintenance, fault finding and repairing

Study of different models of Refrigerators, Inverter technology, study of PCB error codes, fault finding and repairing of refrigerators, Insulation and properties of insulation, body works

Operation of Air-conditioner, Types of Air-conditioner, Car Air-conditioner, Installation of Air conditioning systems, Error codes, repair and maintenance of Air conditioner machines

Principle, working, construction and installation of Air curtains, water cooler, bottle cooler, ice cube maker, ice cream storage unit, deep freezer, VISI cooler, Soda pub Machine, Fish Storage, testing, fault finding and servicing

Introduction to central air conditioning system, HVAC system parts, types of ducts, ICE plant

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