Advance Diploma Course In Automobile Engineering Services

A comprehensive Advance course in Automobile Engineering Services packed with modules on Digital Literacy, Soft Skills, In-plant training, Team Management...

Course Name :
Advance Diploma Course In Automobile Engineering Services

Duration :

12 Months

A comprehensive Advance course in Automobile Engineering Services packed with modules on Digital Literacy, Soft Skills, In-plant training, Team Management and Entrepreneurial Development to give you an edge at your workplace, be it in the service industry or your own business. Career Opportunities
1. Servicing Department in Automobile Manufacturing Industry
2. Automobile Maintenance
3. Start & Manage own garage/Service center
4. Automobile Service Stations
5. Auto Dealers and Sales

Course Syllabus

Introduction to automobiles, Indian automotive industries, classification of automobile, vehicle layout and types of frames, importance of safety and first aid, PPE, familiarization with fire extinguisher use, basic tools, various testing equipment, fasteners and gasket, bearing

Introduction to Engineering Drawing, importance, types of lines, Dimension system as per I.S.I, pictorial and orthographic representation, orthographic projection, conics and solid geometry, development of solids, sections

Two-stroke & four-stroke engines, Petrol and diesel engines, compression ratio and cubic capacity calculations, principle, operation and testing of petrol and diesel engine, engine components working and testing, dismantling and overhauling of engines, tappet setting

Engine Breathing System, Euro 1/2/3 and BS 1/2/3, cooling system, lubrication system, fuel supply system, ignition system, CNG-LPG mechanism, performance of engine, engine pollution and control

Transmission system and its types, Clutch, clutch components and its types, gear box, types of gear box, concept of de-clutching, propeller shaft, differential, axle, wheel-Tyre-tube construction and types, suspension system, types of air suspension system, steering system, steering geometry, power steering, break system and its types, ABS, introduction to modern vehicles, troubleshoot-repair-maintenance of engine support system and parts, introduction to door system, Windscreen washer and wiper rear windscreen defogger

Checking & repairing of body shell, Checking & repairing of front door, rear floor & wheel boxes, Checking & repairing of right side & left side panel with fender, Checking & repairing of roof panel & rear lower panel, Touch up work on the body of vehicle, Preparation of body before painting, Use of different types of sanders (Sand type), Painting an accidental Vehicle, Fixation of wind screen glass, Safety measures during denting-panting & welding, Different type of structure of vehicle, Practice on gas welding, gas brazing &gas soldering, Practice on arc welding

Basic electricity and electronics, batteries and charging system, starting system, electrical circuit diagram and wiring, dashboard instruments and equipment, entertainment system, theft deterrent system, auto-lock system, air bags

Air Conditioning cycle and parts, wiring of automobile AC, refrigerant, Automatic temperature control

organic light emitting displays, specialty wrenches, pullers, light weight material, alternative fuels-LPG, CNC, LNG, AMT, supercharging and scavenging, sensors, actuators, electric and hydro-static drives, computer based vehicle diagnosis, safety systems, repair and overhauling of advance systems, electrical vehicle, hybrid vehicle

Inspection of pre-delivery and accident vehicle, RTO licencing procedure, Insurance, driving rules

Circuit and wiring, key-less entry, smart key

Pre-delivery inspection, duties and responsibilities, Inspection of an accident vehicle, insurance of automobiles-Comprehensive and third-party insurance, R.T.O. Vehicle registration & licensing procedure, private & Public vehicle, PUC of automobiles, functional inspection of vehicle before starting of engine, Driving rules and regulations Offence &Penalties ,Speed limit and R.T.O. sign, Introduction to TPM, Introduction to Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Just in time etc.

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