Certificate Course In Four Wheeler Mechanic

This 6 month Certificate course in Automobile Engineering Services includes training on modules that train you to work and repair...

Course Name :
Certificate Course In Four Wheeler Mechanic

Duration :

6 Months

This 6 month Certificate course in Automobile Engineering Services includes training on modules that train you to work and repair four wheeler Automotive engines and other systems pertaining to passenger cars. Career Opportunities
1. Automobile Manufacturing industry
2. Automobile Maintenance
3. Own garage
4. Automobile service stations
5. Auto dealer and sales

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Automobile, 4-wheeler industry growth, automobile classification, vehicle layout and types, vehicle frames and types, safety and first aid, use of PPE, proper use and maintenance of tools and equipment, fasteners and bearings, inspection and greasing of bearings

Internal and external combustion engine, technical terms, principle and working of petrol and diesel engine, cylinder block and cylinder head, gasket and different gasket materials, crankshaft, piston, gudgeon pin, flywheel, mechanism of valves, engine capacity calculations, dismantling and inspection of diesel and petrol engine, tappet setting, maintenance of petrol engine, maintenance of diesel engine

Engine breathing system, air filter and types, inlet system, working and components inlet and exhaust system, EGR system, muffler and its types, importance of cooling system, working and different types of cooling systems, thermostat valve, maintenance of cooling system, lubrication system, types of lubricants, grades of lubricants, parts of lubrication systems, types and working of fuel supply system, MPFI, CRDI, introduction to CNG and LPG engines

Clutch working principle and types, torque converter, Gear box functions and types, parts of gear box, lubrication and shifting mechanism of gear box, propeller shaft and its parts, differential and its parts, working of differential, crown wheel, star pinion adjustment, axle and types of axle, layout of axle, adjustment and maintenance of axle, wheel-Tyre-tube construction and types, functions of suspension system, suspension system parts, shock absorber testing and working, working and types of steering gear box, steering geometry, working and types of brake, introduction to ABS-EBD, overhauling of engine support system, wheel alignment and wheel balancing, break bleeding and adjustment

Basic electricity and electronics, battery, battery types, battery working and testing, testing of battery voltage, vehicle charging system, care and maintenance of charging system, booster charging, dynamo and alternator, engine starting system principles and types, wiring of - head light, tail light, fog light, side light, break light, indicator light, familiarization with dashboard instruments and equipment, repair of electrical and electronic parts, sensor testing and repairing, theft deterrent system.

To develop job skill visit/training to automobile workshop, automobile dealer shop, automobile service station

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