Advance Diploma Course In Electrical Engineering Services

This 12 months advanced diploma course trains the student at practical level skill in subject along with the theoretical understanding....

Course Name :
Advance Diploma Course In Electrical Engineering Services

Duration :

12 Months

This 12 months advanced diploma course trains the student at practical level skill in subject along with the theoretical understanding. Demand for electrical technician is increasing not only in industries but also in house hold. Career Opportunities
1. Automation Industry
2. Field Technician
3. Assembly, installation and maintenance of industrial panel boards
4. Technical Trainer
5. Maintenance and repair of electrical circuits
6. Electrical product retailer

Course Syllabus

Basic electricity, Circuits, conductor, insulator, semi-conductor, Tools and instruments, earthing, Electrical accessories, wiring types, ISI safety, Health and Safety, PPE, polarity testing, earth testing methods, Types of Fuse & MCB, RCCB , ELCB, MCCB, ICDP and ICTP, types of cells and batteries, electrodes and electrolytes, efficiency of battery, charging system, basic electronics, different types of wiring, testing and connections of parallel ans series combination of wiring

Magnetism and electromagnetism, properties and types of magnet, AC - DC concepts, DC generator, alternator, types of alternator, DC motor, AC motor, transformer, Electrical home appliance working, fault finding and repairing

Types of Conductors and insulators, vanishing methods, winding preparation, checking of wire gauge, preparation of winding coil, tapping of coil and vanishing, testing of insulation, single and three phase motor testing and fault finding

Winding diagrams and practice, single and double layer 3 phase AC motor winding diagrams, symmetric and asymmetric winding diagram, rewinding of different motors, concept of submersible pump, rewinding of submersible pump, troubleshooting of submersible pump, Basic concept, types of pumps, operation and maintenance of pumps, automatic water level sensor, AC motor drive system

Industrial and multi-phase power plugs and sockets, National electrical code, P.W.D. rules, Introduction to power factor and power factor correction method, Electrical devices used in control panel, Industrial Wiring, Installation of wiring according to electrical code, Identifying industrial wiring methods, Lighting arrester, Safety precautions

Basic elements of power system LV and HV, Line diagram of power system, types and causes of faults, Circuit Interruption Devices, Circuit Breaker, Arc phenomenon, Protective Relay, classification of relay, Protection of Transformer, bucholz relay, Restricted Earth Fault Protection, Connection of C.T., Bus bar Protection

Basic theory, symbols and abbreviation, classification of elements, Basic electronics, semiconductors, Electronic components, logic gates, coding circuit, decoders, flip-flops, counters, timers and memories, Power diodes, Power Bipolar Transistor, Power MOSFET, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, Thyristor, safety and first aid, electronics components, circuits, use of tools and measuring instruments, Chokes, inductors, coils, transformer

SCR, Diode Rectifiers, Electronics Time Delay Relays, Application of Photoelectric Devices, Ultrasonic’s in Medical Electronics, Industrial Control Circuits, Power Rectification and Inversion

Power generation, Power transmission, Safety and Statutory Regulations, Load Dispatch and Communication, Power Distribution, Distribution Sub-station, Distribution Metering, AC Motor Drive , DC Motor drive , VFD

Energy sources, Electric Power Transmission, Thermal Rating Calculations, controlling over-voltages, Electrical ECMs

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