Diploma In Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics. Electrical engineers...

Course Name :
Diploma In Electrical Engineering Services

Duration :

12 Months

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics. Electrical engineers work in a very wide range of industries and the skills required are likewise variable. Increasing the demand of Electrical technicians in every part of industry as well as house hold. This course is designed to develop induce a real-time hands-on skills required to inspect, identify, troubleshoot and repair Electrical home appliance and electrical circuits and connections. The course also focuses on gaining knowledge about industrial electrical, electricity generation and transmission system.
Career Opportunities
1. Residential and commercial wiring
2. Repairing of home appliances
3. Assembly, installation and maintenance of industrial panel boards
4. Motor rewinding
5. Sales of electrical products
6. Electrical maintenance in manufacturing companies

Course Syllabus

Safety measurements, use of PPE, Tools and measuring instruments, Basic electricity, electrical accessories, Types of Fuse & MCB, RCCB , ELCB, MCCB, ICDP and ICTP, Circuits, series and parallel wiring, connections of ceiling fan and regulator, switch board preparation, staircase wiring, godown wiring, house wiring with remote control, Inverter wiring and maintenance, basics of digital electronics, ISI safety, surface wiring, concealed wiring

Magnetism and electromagnetism, properties and types of magnet, AC - DC concepts, DC generator, DC motor, alternator, types of alternator, AC motor, transformer, Electrical home appliance working, fault finding and repairing, Lift concepts

Types of Conductors and insulators, vanishing methods, winding preparation, checking of wire gauge, preparation of winding coil, tapping of coil and vanishing, testing of insulation, single and three phase motor testing and fault finding, Winding diagrams and practice, single and double layer 3 phase AC motor winding diagrams, symmetric and asymmetric winding diagram, rewinding of different motors, fan motor rewinding, mixer motor winding, armature winding and testing, use of growler


Basic concepts, types of pumps, operation and maintenance of pumps, automatic water level sensor, AC motor drive system, VFD, pump head functions, submersible pump system

Introduction to solar system, applications of solar, installation procedure, auto control system, load calculation, installation and maintenance of solar systems

PWD rules, national electrical code, power plugs and sockets, power factor and power factor correction method, Safety and Statutory Regulations, Industrial wiring, wire colour code, safety procedures, Control panel concepts, types of panels, panel equipment, panel wiring tracing with diagram

Types of power generation, power transmission and distribution procedure, cables, transmission lines, HVDC transmission line, substation converter, load dispatch and communication, introduction to BMS, types and layouts of distribution substation, distribution metering, IE rules, distribution automation, voltage drops and improvements, maintenance schedules and records

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